Where To Sleep With No Beds

May be a slightly pointless suggeston, but the thought came from playing FrostPunk. Whether this gets used or not will depend on the player’s play style, but none the less.

Hearthlings that don’t have beds should go to the camp stand to sleep. Like how they gather around the stone hearth at night, if a Hearthling doesn’t have a bed they can sleep in (presumably at the beginning of the game) then at night (or whenever they sleep) they should gather around the camp stand rather than just sleeping wherever they’re at.


Hearthlings are optimistic folks. They keep hoping that a bed will miraculously appear until they have no energy at all and just black out from exhaustion.


Perhaps they should’ve brought some sleeping bags from whatever mysterious land they came from.

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if people ever make custom races, expect some crafty bugger to do just that :stuck_out_tongue:

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No, actually, I’d probably be fine all night, then pass out during combat or something.

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Having them go back to sleep around stone hearth feels right. Currently when they’re rescued, before you have any beds, they lay them down near the standard/hearth.