Resting hearthlings use furniture

Every evening your hearthlings gather around the campfire to warm up and share stories of their daily adventures. Strenching their blocky hands to the flames, remembering the joys and horrors of the day. They should be pretty tired by all the hard work they did.
So why don’t they use furniture?

Hearthlings already use benches and chairs when eating.
So, my suggestion is this. When heartlings get a state “Resting by the fire” (which they get every evening if they are not busy) and detect a chair / bench / rug / carpet in close vicinity of the campfire, they with certain probability (more oft then not) choose to sit on it instead of standing/sitting on the ground.
Not exactly easy as this would require changing their AI and animations, so I understand it’s not a priority. Just making a note.

PS. I would also like to see double-seat benches. Because reasons.
PPS. Bonus points for Double-Decker Couch™.


I think the new negative thoughts UI works nicely for this - the hierarchy of sleep unpleasantness could go as such;

Slept in shared bed (-)
Slept by fire (- -)
Slept on rug / bench (- - -)
Slept on cold, hard ground (- - - -)