Injured Hearthlings - Make them more obvious

I searched for this but couldn’t find a similar post, but I assume someone has so please feel free to move this is it’s the case.

I often find that my hearthlings die when I could have easily rescued them because they become injured before a big fight, then it’s hard to find them and rescue them as you only get the warning when they are first inured, and then don’t hear a peep until they die.

What’s worse, they are sometimes hidden in trees making them hard to find.

Please make it more obvious / easy to find injured hearthlings and also remind us about them as when several are injured before a battle it’s easy to miss one or two.

Thank you.


I’ll be honest, I’ve never lost a hearthling without at least several messages saying “… is very low in health” “… is near death” etc.

I do think a general health bar for all the hearthlings would be good, perhaps next to the morale in the “town list”. It can be a pain trying to track down everyone. The hearts are a good indicator of course, but when they are spread out on the map hunting them down and checking can be a bit of a pain.

The only real gripe I have about the injuries and this has been covered by several on the forum, is that injured hearthlings will merrily saunter past health potions lying on the ground next to them, yet desperately need them. I get that it shouldn’t be insta-recover.

Oh, btw, @Aloonatic have you got clerics working for you yet? Seriously OP and will heal everyone! In the same way the potions themselves are under OP, the clerics rock.

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A health bar would be helpful, definitely, and being able to see them laying on the ground more easily, perhaps with the cross hovering above them would help.a lot of the time they are attacked when out mining or chopping down trees and are hidden under cover.

Oh, and I have 2 level 6 clerics, but by the time I get out to the people being attacked it’s way to late as they never seem to run way from danger very well, so get kicked over by trolls etc way before I get out to them.

That’s because only a Herbalist can use the potions on them, when they get in bed.

My suggestion for this would be to let hearthlings carry 1 or 2 pots for personal use, and then the herbalist gets the bandages for more powerful healing.

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The system does send out warning messages, but maybe a lil flashing heart icon somewhere to let ya know someone is in trouble would help. I know sometimes system messages get a lil wonky if there are a lot of em, and players might miss something crucial. Mid fight folks are gaining levels, traders are showing up to complete trades, random mini invasion warnings about goblin thieves, etc. Sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming and having some sort of visual warning on the actual UI to let players know a hearthling is down and needs medical attention couldn’t hurt.


Yeah, I still keep on missing there messages where there’s a lot going on, which is how it seems to be later on in the game, and people are dying.

Am I different in only getting 1 warning and then being told they are dead?

Also, it doesn’t help that my log of messages stopped updating a long time ago, so when I do see a stream of messages come up I can’t go back an view them.

I would say that I am not a moron too, so if this is happening to me it is almost certainly happening to other people.