[Con] Citizens Dissappear when eating at a table

Still does it in 166. wild guess there is a collision issue with the tables and they’re going to 0,0,0 on the map to eat

Looks like a duplicate with: [Con] Citizens Dissappear when eating at a table

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My first thought was that it’s a co-ordinate thing - but that they are mistakenly using the map rather than the chair. Ie “move eating hearthling to 0,0,5” or w/e, and of course it’s moving the poor sod across the map instead :slight_smile: .

Sadly, I can confirm this too. Just lost two game days of progress after realizing my most recent save had been when three-fourths of my population were unfortunately within the “Food Void”.

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i know this is an older thread, but i still have this problem in Alpha 6 , but instead of teleporting under ground they teleport on top of a tree with now way to get down. thus i was going to have the tree chopped down but all my people got stuck on top of the tree, so they cant get down in any way :frowning:

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when the people is sitting on the chair for their lunch they vanish my English is bad btw :pensive:

just wondering, @Tom was this fixed in alpha 7?

If you’re still experiencing this in r195, that means either it wasn’t properly fixed, or the fix didn’t make it into the build, or they couldn’t fix it for this release.

I have experienced this in r195, but I managed to found my citizens 2 levels above, in the mountains. This thread is more for paranormal activity… :cold_sweat: not just teleportation to a walkable surface.

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