[Con] Starving citizens

they starve with TONS of STORED FOOD… i found the last starvation victim way way way WAY below the surface … so far below there were stars and the earth was about 1000 kilometers above the tombstone… Get it fixed, huh… cuz this is the third death and its not only BORING, its exruciating to listen to the Plead for food for 20 turns.

Umm, this is alpha, one enters playing with the understanding there are bugs, post your detailed bug reports so the Devs can address the issues.


Looks like two issues here. Number one is the usual pathfinding and/or idle hearthling issue that everyone gets, number two sounds quite interesting, because I don’t think I’ve heard of any hearthling dying way down there - teleporting there when sitting at a chair yes, but dying etc? Maybe they fell off the world :open_mouth: .

Finally @THEGREATGRUMPY, please don’t live up to your forum name :stuck_out_tongue: . Like @Unatan2 said, this is an alpha build of the game, so it’s very much an unstable work in progress. If you prefer playing more polished games… TBH just stick Stonehearth on a shelf for six months :stuck_out_tongue: .


hear, hear!
well spoken, Teleros.

@THEGREATGRUMPY, can you provide a screenshot of the problem? Are you using the latest build - r166?

Not the OP, but my poor Trapper, Mard Berall just died of starvation

I noticed he stopped doing any work and would start sleeping on the ground when there was an open bed nearby. Eventually he stopped eating and finally died from starvation.

I was also unable to change his job. I tried to turn him into a footman and all he did was lose his Trapper job. He ended up getting stuck as a Worker, but never did any work.

I have another issue that makes citizens to starve. I mined my city all in the same level.

After some time, I noticed that my mason wasn’t going to the workshop to craft what I ordered, so I started searching for him.

I found him 2 terrain levels above, with another citizen, starting to starve. Luckily I could build ladders to get them down, but I had this same situation happen again once or twice a while later.

I think perhaps they teleported at lunch time, because they were roughly above the dining room. This would explain random, unexpected deaths when you’re not paying much attention to where your settlers are.

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embedded your images… :+1:

thanks for the confirmations folks… [tagged]

I have encountered the starving people issue on two separate saves.

The first time was a footman on patrol in an open area. Simply stopped patrolling and stood there idle (status on the citizen list) while starving to death. Went through sleep and such normally, but wouldn’t wander more than a few yards and ignored food even when I built an emergency stockpile around them and loaded it down with food. They also ignored attempts to change jobs except for downgrading to worker. However once they were downgraded they still remained idle

The second time it happened to two workers at the same time and place. Both were working on construction of a building to be used as a workshop and stockpile combo. Both of them stopped work inside the building and remained there idle as the building was finished around them, and would not leave the building despite my carpenter and other workers going in and out freely. They just stood in there and starved.

The issue doesn’t appear to be location based as the footman was in a wide open area while the workers were indoors. My best guess is that something caused them to get locked in idle mode and they couldn’t get out of it to go after food. Once they got in that situation they never left an idle status no matter what work was available or how their job assignment changed. It seems to me that they were moving normally until the “lunch rush” hit, at which point I think they went idle but I couldn’t swear to it.

Can confirm starving citizens bug. I lost three peeps to this bug after I loaded a save. Interestingly, all three were stuck on beds for a bit, before wandering around and getting free. They still starved, but it might have something to do with it.

This is a bug linked to the mining bug but I don’t think it is the same.

When units are mining large sections they get hungry. They forget how to get to the food, and start to mine hangrly (hungry anger).
I am 4 ground levels directly beneath my food reserves.

Steps to reproduce:
Instamine 4 levels 40x40 chunks beneath the food reserve.
Then build floor/road on the space 40x40.
Units will starve themselves till the floor mining is complete, but not the tiling of the floor.

Moved you over here as it seemed to be a continuation of the problems everyone else is having.

Dress up your labour camp as a bug if you like @leetcat but I’m on to you. Just you wait.

[size=8] Just you wait. [/size]

problem still exists in alpha 23, has anyone found any tips as to how to avoid ti?

@groo101 The only way I’ve found that causes zero bugs in your game, not starving, getting stuck, or the AI acting weird, is to do everything very slowly.

If you play like this, your game should play okay. My plays with no bugs when I do this.

  1. Only build one building or road, and wait for it to finish before doing anything else.

  2. Or mine a very small area and finish it before doing anything else.

  3. Get your military, cleric, and shepherd fast. Buy what you need from the traders to do it.