Hearthling dies of starvation and breaks the citizens tab

First error (Can’t reproduce) -
Hearthling disappeared or got stuck in the terrain somewhere and could not be found.

Primary issue
Hearthling starves because he can’t reach a food source and dies. After death, opening the citizen management tab brings up a blank screen. Soon after repeating error messages appear. Both shown in screenshot.

Can upload save if necessary.

Just thought about it… though I feel really bad about it, I think I’ll have a hearthling dig themselves into a hole and starve to try and reproduce :frowning:


Just finished being cruel by forcing two minions to starve to death in a hole.

No issues were seen. Original issue likely related to the fact that the hearthling had disappeared or was trapped in the terrain.


This error has come up a number of times before. It’s due to a bug with the pathfinding where part of the AI keeps running after the hearthling has died. It continues to try to get the visible regions but because the entity no longer exists the id is of course nil which causes the error.

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I was able to reproduce this issue in Alpha 7, except the method of death doesn’t seem to matter. One of my workers died by goblin and the Citizens tab is also now broken.

i can reproduce this easy, everytime goblins go up onto one of my roofs that someone is building the guards seem to ignore them and the person usually dies and blows up the game with errors and sometimes i see a gravestone thing floating in the sky before i crash? kinda creepy lol

same thing happens to me no matter how the citizen dies. breaks the tab and errors start cascading

yeah definitely some issues with pathfinding. it seems when workers are stuck on a task and get hungry they get frozen? the only thing that works most of the time is saving and re loading. after a few tries it often fixes itself. if a citizen dies and breaks your citizen tab. save and trusty re load should fix it.

with regards to playing the game the goblins are just a placeholder and combat will be further developed in alpha 8 and 9 (as referenced from the last stream), i now prefer peaceful mode. citizens have a hard enough time figuring out which task to do that goblins are just irritating. way less crashes as well since removing goblins.