So my mason decided it was time to starve to death

I didn’t notice that they were even in danger until I got the notification that one my hearthlings was low on health, so I decided to investigate.

I figured I could teleport them outside of the house so that they could get food, but nothing was going to persuade them.

I was confused. I had plenty of food, so why wouldn’t they eat?

I decided to look deep into Kali’s eyes, hoping to see why they were starving in protest, only to be met with a blank stare. She was dead set on this.

She cared nothing for her former comrades. I decided that loading the game was the best method. Maybe then she’d eat.

But it was too late. She was dead the whole time.

Hopefully Arwyn is able to break this curse.


Quick and easy fix, works most of the time:
save and reload

Works for me :slight_smile:

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@groms, he tried, that’s why she appears dead at the end. :sweat:

I think besides teleporting, you could have tried resetting her AI.

In the first screenshot she looks stuck between the beds.
The beds are too close to each other. I think hearthlings wouldn’t be able to use them. She might have got stuck while placing one of them, or waking after someone else finished placing other beds next to the one where she was sleeping. (Just my guesses).

Anyway, it’s bad that she couldn’t get out of that bad state on her own :sweat:
Did you manage to see how much health was left before she died (on the character sheet) ?

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I’m not sure. I got the message that she was extremely low on health before I noticed anything, but I didn’t check the character sheet. I’ll make sure to do that in the future if my hearthlings decided suicide is the only way out!

Perhaps she was stoned? *

*Mason related joke.
I do not applaud or condone the use of drugs.


This happened to me but in the middle of a wide open building. Two people dead and counting…

Welcome to the forum, @Natinal :slight_smile:
Which Stonehearth version are you playing?

Doesn’t really count as solving the problem but until the bug:s solved I’d advise to place a cleric next to the hearthlings. Forgot three of them in a mine in an earlier version and didn’t have the wood to place a ladder in short time so my clerics had to heal them until then. But that works very good through the active healing and the passive healing aura.

I’ve encountered a bug where a hearthling, specifically a Mason, has become completely unresponsive and is starving to death despite my best efforts to save them. The Mason in question had a single item in the build queue at the time, and I can still add/remove items from the queue, but it won’t work on them and appears to have become perpetually stuck in “Collecting ingredients.” The hearthling in question is just standing in a building doing nothing, not even resting or eating. clearing the build queue, suspending various activities, and demoting the hearthling from Mason to Worker has had no effect. I’ve been unable to reproduce the bug in another save at this time.

Does turning off all their job duties have any effect?

I find saving the game, then exiting and getting back into the game “wakes” them back up
Had a footman not to long ago who just stopped (as did the goblin she was fighting) randomly. After saving, exiting and re-entering the game they started fighting again.

No, turning off job duties has no effect. I’ll try restarting the client and see if that fixes it.

Not sure if it worked or not, I loaded the save just in time to see the hearthling die of starvation. If it happens again I’ll try it again. Thanks for the tip, anyway!

Today i had a bug that 1 citizen would move at all and just starved to death, but he wouldnt even die he just stand there on lowest health, and after i restarted the game he was death.
And later in the game i got lagg, citizens werent walking normally anymore, a bit lagging.
I can move freely around with WASD and that kind of stuff, everything opens normally (crafting workshops etc) But the citizens are walking laggy.
I have only 12 citizens in my town.
I tried to lower every graphic etc, but wouldnt work, sometimes it got even worse.

I have an GTX 750 with 8gb ram i5 (i believe)

Hope someone can help, fix this.

Welcome to the forum, @CutyCat :smiley:

I merged your report here because it has very similar symptoms.

But not about the lagging part… if he wont move etc or something, doesnt create lagg its just the longer i play it, at first i thought it could be the citizens, but that cant be since i only got 12, i kinda found out what creates the most lagg, its the item on the ground (even on storage land (not chests etc), maybe you could expand the chests a little or add something else, since when i get many wood/stone it will fill up too many chests (around 20) and its pretty annoying.

The crates and chests were made so that there aren’t so many items on the ground.
If it helps, the vault (crafted by the blacksmith), can hold 256 items, I think.

If you have a savefile with lag you might want to upload it, we could use it for debugging performance. :slight_smile:

lol… reminded me of the case where my herbalist (and only my herbalist) always end up starved to dead stuck behind a fireplace where there was no access from in the first place (it was sealed in empty when it was finished building). I’ve saved him many times with teleport when I noticed the starving message… but after a while, he keeps appearing back in the same spot… though I have never caught him in the act of moving/teleporting.

I’ve since abandoned that cursed game, and updated my building design so that even the space behind a fireplace is accessible by a ladder through the chimney.

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