Worker stoped working and died of starvation

It said they were resting ate the fire place, but they simple stayed there ultil they died. I summoned them for defend the vilage, but nothing happned. I loaded the game and no lucky at all.

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I’ve had this happen to me too…

so sounding Red Alarm didnt get them to do anything?

now for a stupid question, was the food in a reachable spot?

P.S. welcome to the discourse @alielmaia :smile:

No, sounding the alarm didnt work too. The food was reacheable, and these 2 were the only ones with this problems. The others were working, eating, fighting and so on normally.

After I quit the game and loaded it, these 2 were already dead (even more strange)

Did you happen to take a screenshot? And were these 2 inside of a building at the time?

I have had it before where 3 of the hearthlings stopped working and were hungry, after a minute or two I reloaded to save file and they went back to normal :slight_smile: Next time a hearthlings seems bugged just try reloading your save quickly.

Hope that helps :smiley:

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I got a screen shot of the issue. any ideas? poor hearthling is a goner i think!

teleport him/her, save, reload
should be okay now …

i had this problem with a miner the other day, what i did was tick the box for showing the hearthlings path and paused for a few minutes, then the path for that stuck hearthling changed itself to get food and was working normally again, somehow pausing for a bit worked.

thanks for the update. i’m a bit of a noob unfortunatly Its too late now he died but how do you teleport and how do you show paths?

not sure how to teleport but for the paths go to options and i think it is under the system tab