Mega Thread of bugs/issues/Ideas!

[BUG]- Wood being left on top of houses/buildings. Fix- putting a ladder on the building and sooner or later one of them will come take it off.

[BUG]- Workers stuck on sides of walls during mining. Fix- Putting ladder underneath them, they will sooner or later unstick themselves and climb down.
o - I will give detail on how I think this happens if you guys do not know, when mining a whole 4x4 block I think when another worker is mining underneath another miner the blocks underneath the miner disappear and the top worker becomes basically stuck in the wall because he has nothing to stand on to leave.

[BUG]- It’s hard to describe this situation so I will try my best. I tried to build a house that had 1 floor with one smaller floor on top. with a roof going around the room on top then put a roof on top of that to make it look nice. BUT when I try to put a roof that goes around the room the roof will just completely ignore the other room and go straight through it which makes the room unusable because there is a frikken roof in the middle of it. FIX- none

MAYBE [BUG]- When trying to make two floors I can not just fill in the top block layer of the last block of the walls to create the second layer then put a wall on it. It will go on block in so I create like a pyramid effect on the building. Fix - Deleting the outer layer of the floor and finding the right blocks to switch it out with that goes with the surrounding wall.

[BUG]- Building custom and pre made buildings are sometimes not fully built, most of the time it is almost always the roof part of the build that remains unbuilt. The workers just seem to forget about it and will not build, the scaffolding will still be attached to the building as well so its not “done” just seems to be forgotten.
FIX- none, I have seem that after a while or multiple restarts they will sometimes start back up again on working.

[BUG]- Random scaffolding on paths/inside of paths. I saw it once so far on one of my towns, I am not sure how it got there or why it was there I couldn’t delete and it never cleared away.
Fix-none so far

[BUG]- When trying to place a bed against custom walls in a house it will not allow to do so, I will have to place the bed down and then move it again so it will be up against the wall. Fix- placing it away from wall then replacing once it was placed once.

[BUG] - Only had this once but I had to delete a town because of it. Randomly when I started up a world I was working on it loaded and everything, but all the HUD and any sort of movement on the screen wasn’t there. I zoomed in and heard noises related to what usually when on like walking building etc. but I saw nothing going on the screen. I tried to do f5 to restart the HUD that didn’t work, I restarted my computer and the game that didn’t work as well. So I had to delete the world due to not being able to play on it anymore sadly. Fix- none so far, only had the bug appear once.

[BUG]- items being placed in each other, I haven’t really saw this bug much but I did see it in one of my storage areas where I had an ore and a wood item in each other. Then saw it when my works were mining and the blocks appearing after the stone was mined. its not a big issue because it didn’t really effect me much but it was a little annoying. Fix- none other than moving that certain item away.

MAYBE [BUG]- When swords and shields tools etc, are dropped from either switching jobs or dying, no one ever comes to pick it up unless I assign them to the job that involves with the sword or tool. FIX- none so far other than assigning them to a job with that type of tool/sword.

[BUG]- Situations where works just don’t do anything when there is stuff to do, another one of my towns I decided to build a little bit aways to create like a spread out country type town going on. I created a big mine in the ground with some buildings around it for like a mining part of the town. I had a road going to and everything, but some of my workers just did nothing even though there was a mine to be mined out and buildings to be built. I also had it happen even when my buildings are closer to each to other. Not sure how this happens or why it happens it is very annoying when it does happen though. Fix- none so far

[BUG]- When in blueprint mode and building roads randomly when I try to erase the road sometimes the dirt/grass blocks that the road sort of replaced delete as well leaving me with a an pre dug road that no road blocks will be built in. so basically the blocks get deleted as well so now I would be stuck with the pathway pre dug even when I deleted the road blocks. I hope this wasn’t too confusing so I will try to sum it up, placed roads in blueprint mode removed them and the blocks that were there before removed as well so left me with the dug up part of the road building.
Fix- use that undo button to make the road appear then delete it again and the blocks should be put back that were there before.

[BUG]- I have no clue how I make this bug happen but again randomly when I place windows and delete them it leaves the imprint of the window in the wall in blue printmode, I have to use the undo button till it disappears or just redo the building. You also can not build like right next to it, it forces you to build one block away from it.
Fix- use the undo button till it goes away or just redo the building.

[BUG]- Only saw it once and was pretty funny, skeleton spawned on top of trees and couldn’t get down. I never tested to see if cutting down the tree did anything so not sure what happens then.

[BUG]- A weird one I found was I was building a house and it wasn’t being built so I though it was another issue with them not wanting to build but I saw one building basically a worker would be hammering one block like building something but no it was just hammering there was particles and stuff but nothing being built. randomly works would switch over and do the same thing but nothing being built. It was really weird and I didn’t know what to do about it.
Fix-None so far

*** That is it for the bugs for now I am sure I forgot some and will edit it I do remember them lol.

I realise that this game is in early access beta or well alpha so I am not expecting anything complete hell even none buggy I still love this game bugs and all.

[Issue] - Food, the amount of food the people eat compared to how much you need to get more its stupidly high. I know you guys know but I mean I could use one 6 tree berry batch for weeks at least and still be perfectly fine. It just takes up so much space trying to store all the food. Even for now a lower amount of food required to gain more people will be so much easier till you guys get the system you want to stick with in the long run.

[Issue]- An option to remove the trees to see the land below would be fantastic, sort of like how we can see inside of buildings. Currently when enemies spawn a camp or just spawn in the trees I can’t see them very good to tell where they are or where they are going so I can send my troops.

[Issue]- when gathering a berry bush they will take the berries off and then LEAVE the baskets next to the bush rather than carrying them back right after they finish gathering. they only collect the baskets if there is nothing else to do, which makes the early game very annoying because they will go to the bush and eat there OR just go hungry if for some reason they don’t want to go to the bush.

[Issue]- When building an custom house unless you have actually have furniture you can’t put any in there until you build some. It would be fantastic to be able to get a list of furniture in the game to pick from to place blueprints in the building, so when we do make them they will be put in the house once built.

[Issue]- I won’t go into detail because I am not sure how or why it happens. when you get later in the game with more people and buildings the games starts to lag FPS and lag in general with movements and actions, I am not sure what causes this but it really puts a limit on how big you can create a town.

I know I may sound whinny in some of these but I wanted to give the developers some feedback and ideas they could think about later in development of StoneHearth. Thank you for all who reads this I hope this helps you guys mostly the bug part of the post. If you would like photos of the bugs to get a better understand of them, I will happily make an album of each bug and post it for you guys as well. I guess my issues could have been more of an idea section but I do think they are issues that maybe be expanded on (that is my opinion). I have dozens of ideas of what to do which the direction of the game, but I feel that you guys have really good idea of what you want with the game so I will leave my two cents out of it!
Sorry about the grammar, English is my first language.
Thank you,

I’ll just respond to a few of the things you commented on.

This is a bug that affects all placeable items with a non-square shape. When you go to place the item, it considers whether you can place it based on the collision region of the item, which is roughly the shape of the item. When you first go to place an item, the collision region is oriented north-south by default. When you rotate the object to place it, the collision region does not adjust to match, so you get some wrong results on where you can place things. Once the item is placed in the world by the hearthlings, it’s collision region is updated to match the orientation of the real object.

I’m not sure if this is getting fixed any time soon though :frowning:

Have you tried using the loot command (Shift+L) to get them to pick them up?

This will be alleviated a bit soon. There will be crates that excess stock can be put away in so you don’t have to make such huge stockpiles. As far as getting more hearthlings goes, the Cook that is coming soon will help things.

The “Food” number that you need for more hearthlings is actually the gold value of all your food. So the more expensive food you have, the less you will need to get more hearthlings. You won’t attract many hearthlings with berries and turnips.

This is one of the reasons why you need such large numbers to get more hearthlings. The game really can’t handle too many hearthlings at once. I believe it’s capped at 40 hearthlings right now, but there are problems with slow downs as you approach that number. Some of the causes have been identified in the last couple weeks though, so hopefully we’ll see some improvements with the next patch.

I will trying the control L for the swords and stuff next tiem I log on, because I hate when they leave stuff just laying around… makes my town look messy as hell.