Lots of bugs I have found

Game is unplayable for me. Here is a list of bugs I have found:

  • Workers wont put doors down
  • Not allowed to cancel mining task
  • All my people bugged out at once and did nothing except run every now and again
  • Told guy to put down goblin totem and it bugged him out
  • Finished building my dorm and they left a guy stuck on the roof…
  • Enemy spawned on top of the mountain and just stood there frozen, this also made the music stay in the battle music which is really annoying
  • For me I cant get maintaining crafting of stuff to work. For example I will maintain 3 wheat and 1 bread and the guy will make a bread out of that and then stop making any more. Not sure if this is a bug though.
  • I accidentaly put down a table on top of another table and my workers wouldnt take it back down.
  • Made a pen for my sheep and I surrounded the zone with fences and and a gate. But when I put the last picket fence in the guy putting in there would immediately remove it and put it back in the stockpile
  • Pathing for the workers is sometimes weird. For example I made a ladder going up a hill so my workers could harvest the trees. When they were going back down they would walk not straight to the ladder but walk diagonally away from it until they got to the cliff edge then they would walk along the edge and then go down the ladder.
  • The workers dont put down paths.
  • When I went to click the translucent door of the building design I got and error message.
  • Switching from slice view is bugged, you have to click it twice to get back to normal.

I think that’s all of the ones ive encountered

All my workers froze so I just gave up…

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