Bugs I have ran into

Title: no roads

Summary: I place an order for my workers to build a road and I would say it’s a 50/50% chance that they build it. Most of the time they just dig the hole for it and leave it be. ((waited a 1/2 hour with out quieing anything. This has happened a few times now on different saves.

Title: Unfinished work

Summary: Any of my crafters will decide to go vacation for ever and never complete there quie’s at there work stations.
I have tried clearing it and putting what I needed back into the quie and I have tried to move it to see if it will help, but it hasn’t.

the other problems I have seen others have posted so I didn’t want to waist your time and going over them again.

(i.e. Crash after saving world))

On a side note I love your game and cant wait till the final product. Keep up the good work. would love to know in the future if you all plan on doing another project.

Thanks again

easies qurstion to the roads - do you have stone? you need lots of hunks to build it ^^


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as has been suggested, are you certain you have the necessary materials for your road?


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I remember having stone and plenty of wood available.

A new bug I ran into it has only happened twice but thought I should mention it.

if I build a city with a lot of walls, I have ran into a complete crash of the game where it shuts down completely. It always happens when I am in the build screen and select a to build a wall and put it up against a mountain or ledge. The game closes and puts me back at my windows.

Side not thanks for the welcome. I usually look and see if anyone else is having the issues I have and if not I post. However, in the past someone has always posted before I did, and I didn’t want to waist your time with reading posts that say all the same thing.

Keep up the good work.