A few bugs I've found during many hours of gaming

Hi I’d just like to share some bugs I found within the game after a good few hours of playing.

  1. The shadow that surrounds non explored area’s at points doesn’t go, E.G workers can walk up to and into a unexplored area do work (chopping tree’s, Mining) and the shadow won’t go. (If you want more info I could probably make a video with all the bugs I found as it’s happened to me twice :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. At points when building workers will just stop working on a structure for no reason, Then once I log out and log back into the game it comes up as so there’s something preventing them from building the structure but nothing is preventing them from doing so.

  3. I believe I’ve already seen a post about this but I’ll post it just in case, Workers will complain about the food selection when there’s a load of different types of food available for them.

  4. This is probably the weirdest one and honestly the most annoying one so far. After about 9 hours playing on 1 map, The game kinda glitched out, All the writing kinda blurred out so I couldn’t see anything it just froze, And somehow deleted all the work. I’m not sure how it really happened, This has only happened once and I wish I took a screen shot, But thinking I had save back ups I thought I was safe :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry if some of these or all of these have already been reported, I didn’t see topics about this already but there maybe.

If you would like more info I’ll try to get more or explain it in a better way, Thank you!

But apart from this, This is honestly the greatest game I’ve played in years! Good job guys Keep up the amazing work!

Thanks again

I have this too, however, it often goes away if i put something like a stockpileor abuilding there.sometimes it just goes

This has beenreported although, the preventing thing… im not so suer

I’m not sure if this has been reported earlier but i’ve had it too so it might be common, and thus reported

I’m struggling with the same issue. After a period of time (30 minutes or so in my case) the menus freeze (don’t refresh?) leaving a bunch of garbage on the screen while the game continues to play in the background until eventually the game crashes to desktop. You are unable to close/open menus however you can mouse over them and some of the menu reappears but they are not functional. All game progress since the last save is lost. My graphic card drivers are up to date.

I will try to get a screen shot and add it to this reply.

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Thanks for the work around’s and info!

Glad I’m not the only one experiencing these bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can confirm the Menu/UI breaking and leaving things behind on the screen. It will happen after a while, and I have no particular cause for it, but it lets you click things and such until it either crashes or, really rarely, goes away. This is seperate from the ‘clicking too fast in the workshop breaks the workshop ui’ bug.

Hey everyone, I have a few more bugs found and a update on one of the other glitches I previously stated.

  1. Gates / Doors hovering / moving place. After a Save and close of a game it randomly does this, However after a few saves and reloads it fixes its self, Or you can just click to move it :P,

  2. The other glitch I found where the game would randomly black out and delete all saved data, Which I saved 2 different games and it deleted both (thought I could outsmart the game :stuck_out_tongue:). It crashed again today after about 5 hours :frowning: However I noticed that the two times this happened was when I hit 12 + workers, Not sure if it is related but It’s happened in two similar ways so its a possible connection. Sadly I panicked and didn’t screen shot it :frowning: But yeah just a quick update on the bugs :smile:

Hi, I’ve gotten some more screen shots and a print screen of how the gloom / darkness doesn’t disappear.

This happened’s at random points but I found a work around is to pause it for about 5 mins away from the area and come back and it will all be fine :smile:

The next issue / bug I’ve got about a minute video showing what happened’s and then the game crashing. This is something I reported earlier in this thread but now have a video and some more info, I was about day 17 / 18 into the game, Trying to build some paths to some villages, Then it just wouldn’t let me build anything at all. And kept freezing with blurred writing. Then it suddenly closed its self, All I was doing was making a path and it suddenly keeps crashing. This is the same glitch that deletes all the saved data after you re-open Stonehearth.

Here’s the video: YouTube

Another glitch I’ve been meaning to report is with carpenters, When you get to a certain point into the game they won’t work in the work shop unless they’ve gone to eat or sleep and come back. So They’ll go eat, Make one item and then do nothing else until either they sleep or eat again.

I hope all this info is useful to someone :slight_smile:

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I was finally able to capture a shot of the menu garbage in action. Thanks in advance for any help.


Yeah this has happened to me multiple times, Thanks for capturing it. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next alpha :smile:

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been playing on this one world for about 10 hours (almost impossible to keep playing now due to errors every 2 minutes) and I came a acrossed something weird, Could be nothing but thought I would report it just in case.

So I got kicked and this error appeared

Then suddenly on my saves being on day 30, It listed it as day 1, Didn’t lose any progress but thought I would post it just in case its something.

And also I want to share this picture for no reason, Just I find it pretty funny :stuck_out_tongue:


I too have seen LOTS of the “env | invalid duration passed to calendar set timer” errors lately. Along with the “no event” issues and the “Goblin Horde” wiping out my citizens I’m not having as much fun playing. :disappointed: