Some Bugs I picked up 6 hours In. [5 list]

I Really like this game but since it’s in alpha obviously you will see bugs. Im just going to point out some bugs I’ve noticed being 6 hours in the game.

  1. Some reason the Battle Music never stops. Second i go on it’s the Battle Music which means I have to mute the game and play music from my computer. I don’t hate it but hours of it never turning off will make you go insane.

  2. The Villagers always Idle when there is work to be done. Im glitched in the game where I layed out a new house or have the carpenter and black smith build stuff, they never do. Even the farmers, the crops are dying and the whole town just sleeps and does nothing. If I want ladders built over a cliff, nope they just nap and most of the time dont even move.

  3. Parties losing Villagers randomly. Im pretty sure It’s when you log off but when I go into parties to fight goblins it’s always gone. Not the party itself but all the people in it.

  4. Farming. I have a farm set up and when I go and plant a new crop they always plant one seed and do other stuff. Im not 100% sure if this is a glitch but if it isn’t I suggest having the Villagers plant the new crop first then go and farm the rest of the farm.

  5. Sometimes a villager wont be promoted. even waiting 10 mins to grab the stuff it needs, The villager just idles and does other work instead.

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On parties: Something I didn’t realise until one of the devs mentioned it in a stream is that the parties are mutually exclusive. If you add a hearthling to one party, they will be removed from any other party of which they were previously a member. Maybe that’s what is happening to you?

I haven’t seen anything here yet but your issue in number 5. I think it’s just how much you have going on. I had the same issue but a lot of work to do for everyone. So I just waited it out and eventually they promoted, and started working.

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