Screenshots of Bugs and LuaErrors i found

Hello, i will post some screenshots of bugs i encountered sofar :smile:
even with these bugs, the newest version is way more stable then the older ones. Good work

Here are my screenshots with a short description whats wrong

  1. When you want to build a house and there is wool in the way, the wool dissapears when the wooden block is placed over it.
    When a Farmer prepares the field for food, wool should also dissapear, but it does not. (see picture)

  2. When you save a game while a house is been builded up while there are ladders, after loading this savegame all ladders look in the same direction (i think north?) it doesnt bugg the workers or anything, it seems to be just a visual problem.

  3. To be honest, i dont know whats theres errors about, but i think they are related to the collecting job. when people have to collect something but they cant target it or something, i dont know. (basicly this happened all 10minutes, the workers never realy cared for it, but some stuff they never collected and brough to the stores)

Imgur screenshot folder

i hope this helps a little bit :slight_smile: i realy love this game.


ps.: the rules with no screens for new people here and only two hyperlinks is dumb O.o