[Con] (x64 - Dev build 2291) Game Breaker Bug, from saves and loads

Okay this is a hard core break in a bug.

How to reproduce:

Start a game.

Play like normal.

Save the game.

Load the game.

Expected results: Game loads like normal, continue building ect ect…

Actual results: You get this bug (pic below) You can no longer lay floors, roads, slabs, anything. Becomes Unplayable.

  • Same deal here also -

Game started to get jittery with the AI when the Gob settlement appeared and accepted the offer from the Goblin. Saved/ Reloaded, locked out from placing ladders, building anything from carpenter or weaver.

*Had same 3 errors

Win8.1 pro 64bit 16gb Ram
Intel® Core™ i7-4930K CPU @ 3.40GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 2048MB

these are literally the only steps you took? and you can repro consistently? :cry:

oh, and thanks for the confirmation @Soul … [tagged]

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Yes, both my 2 towns both produce this bug, save my game, reload, then it happens. Can no longer lay anything down. Doesnt matter how long you play either, Pirates bay was on day 11, Silverthorn was on day 3

#1: Town day 11 actually this 1 I cant even remove the road that i used to remove ground, it stuck as is

#2: Town day 3

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ok, thanks for the follow-up… im curious to know if you can start a brand new game and see this happen…

will try in a bit!

Don’t do it that way. Do it by mining out only one level down (psst, the hotkey is “n”)

Sure here you go Done. Still can’t do anything, lay Roads, Floors, Ladders, ect ect. I layed this example before saving/loading to show it work before the load. but after you cant even remove it.

#3 Town day 1 (Test Town)

Even further show

This is trying to select the builds, and showing nothing when doing so. You can see the heavy yellow outline that it is selected.

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Not the point, this about the bug of not being able to do anything lol :stuck_out_tongue:

But thanks for the clue, :smile: I’ll use that from this point

I can confirm this bug myself.

Blast. I was really looking forward to playing Alpha 9 for the first time tonight, only to discover this nasty beast of a bug. :frowning:

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Reverting steam_latest to 2283 until we figure out what’s wrong. Thanks for letting us know!


Dammit. I played all evening without reloading a save, so I didn’t see these issues and was having a blast. Also, first time I was able to play so long without a crash the save game problem.

Fun while it lasted. :sob: