Ridiculous Bug of Game Breaking and Ruiningness

Hey there everyone,
Having the weirdest bug right now.
So, today I decided to start a new game and do it tactfully, by building a small settlement with a few beds in it and a wall surrounding it, and a gate, of course. Then, after that was all done, I decided it was time to build a house with some beds for my loyal citizens, but thats when it all happened.

All of sudden, thousands of lines of error code, literally thousands, popped up and crashed not only the game for a few seconds but also the UI, eagerly waiting for me to restart it and try again. So I rebooted, and it happened again. Decided to cancel the building, still happening.

SO some help here would be nice, cant post a screenshot cos newbie, but if requested I guess I can upload it somewhere and post a link here.

Is this a known issue? Because it absolutely ruined the game for me.

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welcome to the discourse @bartirix

it sure would help TR if you upload a screenshot, but as you said your new, so if you upload it to imgur.com or some such place and provide a link @SteveAdamo @Relyss can embed it for you :smile:

@Albert should be able to help once he gets the screenshot.


Sure, give me a minute to recreate the bug =P
EDIT: Link of the bug, it starts with about 2 lines of error, then rises with like 100 per second into infinity.

Replace the (dot) with .

Fun news, after reproducing the bug on the “old” bugged save file (had a backup that didnt have the bug yet so used that to play on), it corrupted the “new” save file that I had left that WASNT bugged yet =D

now the other save file wont load UI or even play, time standing still ~_~

try pressing F5, as thats the button that resets the UI, nut if it hasnt even loaded yet im not sure it will work or not.

Dont worry, I just started a new save c’: