Some crashes that I have experienced

I was going along pretty well, but then when a trader or whatever text thing it was came up, I declined, and it just exited the entire game, no menu no nothing, just as soon as I hit decline I was at my desktop page. Not sure what caused it, I was building a house, had a few farms, two traps, it was night. I never think about saving so I dont think im getting it back. This other time I was trying to create some beds but forgot that I didn’t have enough resources but I told the carpenter to craft. When I opened up the crafting menu again to see what was wrong, a bunch of errors started popping up, and I mean a BUNCH. Error after error after error. The game was still going fine but these errors kept popping up like 10 errors a second making it unplayable, so I just quit. It was all red and the counter on the top left was going up by 10 so I guess that’s how many it was making, it was around 130 errors when I quit. Not sure if these are bugs that other people have been having, but I just downloaded the game today, 10/25/14, and it has crashed twice. I have windows 8.0 if that matters. Don’t see another topic with these crashes so hoping I can get some answers. Yes, I know its an alpha, but I still want to see if others had this experience.

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Can you reproduce this? Get screenshots of it?

Also, what version are you playing?