[Con] Huge block of errors covers whole screen, can't be exited

Summary: Huge block of errors appears. Errors keep coming and won’t stop, making it impossible to close. This meant that I couldn’t play the game. The screenshot shows only ~400 errors, but I eventually had more than 3000!

Possible (?) causes: This happened immediately after I clicked the sword button (not the call to arms, but the one that opens the menu with call to arms on it). Other things I had recently done include: starting a building, and removing a trapper area.

Notes: when I clicked on the green “harvest” button I was able to close the error window, but when I right-clicked to stop harvesting it came back again.

Please note that the errors before error 19 were not part of the same incident.

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I’d got too this wall of errors. I show you the step I have to do to reproduce it.

After one hour of playing the game, I got this error and six goblins were stuck.

I just had to click on the status of citizen as you can see below to get the wall of errors of the death.

And yes I’ve been destroyed by an army of goblins (all the status weren’t refresh) and my footmen didn’t protect themselves they just rolled or parried.^^

thanks for the confirmation @Didis … you’ve been able to repeat this process to get the error prompt?

If you want I can give you the save so you will be able to redo the bugs.

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absolutely, thanks! just attach it to a reply here… :+1:

I launch the save before the bug happens but now it work^^ I try to reproduce it and I give you the save =P

I’d got too a bunch of errors when I deleted a farm of silkweed and my farmers were harvesting it.

Here the errors =P also when I reload a game, my game crashes