[r183] Extra-sized building

Well I just tried to construct a really huge building once more and I do get these error windows:

I got only this error the whole list up:

The right window popped up somewhere throughout the building process, the left one appeared as soon as I block for the floor was removed. It then kept on expanding until error#250.
Somewhere later it expanded again. What I also noted was that the list kept on expanding although all my workers went to bed.

I can provide you guys with a save game from before starting to construct the building, if you’re really interested in reproducing. (@Tom, @SteveAdamo?)

yes, please… those are immensely helpful for the team! :+1:


While searching for the correct file I actually found out that this might be coincidental:
A worker of mine died the second i started construction the building and it looks like that might have been the cause for all the errors!
I hope a pro can solve this riddle.

Just start up the save game, open up the build menu and you will be able to start constructing that huge building. The worker I just mentioned will die just a couple of seconds after you start the savegame.
Please note that this worker did suffer from starvation although I had no lack of food. I do believe that this bug is already known. (This could actually lead to a totally different bug I thought it would, but whatever!)

@SteveAdamo <3

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