Building related errors


So I wanted to build the most amazing castle but couldn’t get past these errors on what I would say a uncomplicated structure, I tried editing parts off the building too and still got them for some reason.

I’m playing on the latest version.

It pretty much freezes my game when they pop up and there’s no real way past them :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try to work around it but just wanted to post the errors.


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After closer inspection this is actually pin pointed to the moment when they wake up, They continue on with there tasks but the game completely glitch out after waking up.

Steps I did to create this,

1- Start a new world, Pause build a little.
2 - Save as they’re all about to sleep and exit the game
3 - Reload the game and give them a task.

I don’t know if that’d help but I have the world saved at the exact moment if that helps.