[Con] [r144] Error message fun

No idea what caused these (both came at once though):

Had multiples of both in a nice big red error window.

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114!? You went back in time!

Those are quite some errors though.

Typo fun, yeah :stuck_out_tongue: . Had several to post though, so fast = mistakes :frowning: . Fixed now though :slight_smile: .

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had exactly the same error, while playing peaceful mode. Occurs out of nowhere.

wow, new build dropped!?! :+1:

I’m out and aboot… but upon my return we’ll get to working through this onslaught of new posts… :smile:

you better hurry they are piling up fast! :wink:

good gravy, they are indeed! doing my best to catch up now… :smile:


wasn’t sure if i should start a new Topic. Got this error trying to build inside of a walled in area. Error occured everytime i tried to place a floor, was unable to build at all. Problem was resolved after saving and loading.


Yeah I had something similar myself, but even when placing the walls I got ALOT of error messages, soon as I removed it nothing else came up.

looked rather important, and reoccurring, no clue what the cause is but sounds like animation???

Some more, not sure why they popped up though:

This one appeared as is - no red box - just these two simultaneously…

The next two are part of the same error box.