[Con] [r144] Crash to desktop

Frankly I’ve no idea what to say here, it just happened. No warning, no error messages, nothing. Not even “Windows has detected SH.exe has stopped responding” stuff - one second it’s running, next it’s my desktop.

At the time I was playing on high speed, with a house mostly finished (the scaffolding around it was being taken down). The house front was 1 cell away from some farms (space for scaffolding, but that’s all). Weaver was busy crafting (I think a worker outfit), don’t think the carpenter was though.


I have had this too. In 134.

Might have something in the crash dump file. Might want to include it. Should be in the Stonehearth directory.

Good thought…

The site won’t let me upload it directly, so here goes:

No idea if SH sent it to Radiant automatically or not (I did of course accept the sending of crash data when I logged into r144 the first time), but in the event that it didn’t, here you go @sdee (or whoever deals with these :slight_smile: ).


Happened to me also. I accepted an Immigrant. After that the new popup “Rambo” joined, i clicked on the “!”, after that the game closed and i was back on the desktop.

i do get random crashes here and there without warning or explanation, the game just decides its done and closes.
maybe a memory leak issue?

well… confirmations on an unknown are confirmations nonetheless… :smile:


Still present in 1687. The game also gets buggier and more sluggish as time goes on, so stuff like placing doodads on a planned building becomes an exercise in frustration as I constantly have to exit out of the build menu to “reset” the bugged graphics and get an idea of what will actually be built.