Building error report

got a bug when i clicked complete and build on my walk way, i have three cookie cutter buildings a walkway and farms all qued up. theyre all touching however, might be part of the issue, any way, heres a ss of the error

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place multiple pre designed houses down
  2. Connect then via roads
    3)Start construction

Expected Results:
Construction begins
Actual Results:
Construction begins but an error is received

Version Number and Mods in use:
unstable combat ++ alpha 16 i think
System Information:
i7 3.2, gtx 660, windows 7, 8gb ram

After continuing the game thru the error message, as it did not appear to affect anything, i tried to build a wall using the technique of designing my own foundation and letting the game generate the walls. on the second story, the wall did not encircle the entire floor, the wall jutted into the building with no discernible path and failed to complete its circuit. I then received about 8 errors and the building design became locked; I could not undo the added walls nor delte the building design entirely. At this point it was about 3am for me and i rage quit without saving…my bad, wish i SS the errors and building but maybe at least the knowledge of the event can be helpful, it was on the same save as this orig. error… I also received errors of characters rolling somthing 10times and failing but i have SS of that one,