Unable to build anything anymore

Try’d again to construct a town. Again multiple errors which come back after saving reloading. Made a video of it showing exactly what happens when the issue occures. Not the first time a town stops working after multiple errors.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. watch the video
  2. it says enough.
  3. https://youtu.be/Hd40bIDwI24

Expected Results:
just build it already
Actual Results:
stop building completely
Starting to bug me out that i can’t seem to be able to construct similar towns like other players can.
1459501108653.zip (6.1 MB)
Version Number and Mods in use:
fresh install release 549, fresh install debug tools
System Information:
pretty nice :slight_smile:

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Did you try to reload an older save, not the last one, and build from there on?

Oh and don’t use music beside the ingame music, since people from germany can not watch that video.


Hrm. You could try using a single large “building” instead of individually placed walls and see if that works. The game can handle pretty large “buildings” and even buildings inside other buildings (just so long as you aren’t trying to actively build more than one building at a time). As long as you don’t roof it over, it looks like you’re using a basic square shape, so it should be workable.

Past that the main thing for doing large scale building seems to be making a separate, individual save at the start of every major project and reverting at the slightest bug and trying again slightly differently.

I like the music!

You might also want to post the exact text of the bug message (use “copy to clipboard”) and see if anyone else has posted similar bugs on the forum and found workarounds.

Did use an older save. It is the first building i made after starting gathering and farming.

@Hieronymous i know the copy paste but was mainly focussed on finding the exact issue. It seems to me the problem occures with the wall placing when you put the second wall part next to it instead of linking it further on. Also found the issue again with a building being build while you are still designing it. Second error makes half the building dissappear whitch stops building anything at all.