I can't build anything at all!

Summary: I’m having a variety of issues with trying to build structures. One is a clearly known bug based on othre reports (you can’t build too close to cliffs as it blocks scaffolding), but I’ve had a few others as well, some of which may or may not be a “cascade effect” of sorts triggered by the first. Namely, once a single structure stalls out, my carpenter completely refuses to build anything until I restart the game. Floors from templates placed into a game before a save/reload also don’t cancel with the rest of the building, and block further structures until a worker has finished digging them out despite the building being canceled. A template placed before a save/reload will also be constructed by a carpenter, including floors, before a worker digs out the ground below it to give the floor space (resulting in the floor intersecting the terrain and looking pretty awful).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a carpenter, but no workers (every other villager is assigned to a job that doesn’t build), because I didn’t know carpenters don’t do parts of the building process when a structure is all wood.
  2. Place a template right up against a cliff, or better yet, in a corner, where it can’t be built.
  3. Place any number of other templates anywhere else. These will also not be built.
  4. Delete the templates you believe caused the initial problem - the ones too close to cliffs. Leave a few in open spaces that shouldn’t be obstructed. They will still not be built.
  5. Save and reload your game. I restarted during this wondering if it would fix things but I don’t know if that’s necessary or not.
  6. Your carpenter will move to build the remaining templates as normal. As they were test structures and not actually desired, cancel them before the carpenter gets there. The yellow rectangles indicating digging do not cancel (and are invisible to the mining/digging tools).
  7. Place new templates. These will not be built.
  8. Save and reload the game again. The new templates placed in step 7 will be built, but if they are canceled like in step 6, they’ll have the same issues with leftover footprints.
  9. Eventually let the carpenter actually build one of the test templates after a reload. He doesn’t dig out a foundation, nor does he wait for the foundation to be dug out, resulting in floors that clip into the ground and look awful.
  10. Have your carpenter trap himself atop a scaffolding with no ladder access. He got up there by climbing the incomplete wall, but couldn’t get back down because he then built more of the wall and blocked his own path. The scaffolding ladder was not complete.
  11. Realize nobody else has “Build” possible in their job, set another villager to Worker so maybe they can go rescue the carpenter by making that ladder.
  12. Watch as the Worker villager instead digs out the foundations for that building (which makes the floors look okay again), then runs off to dig out the foundations for canceled buildings from step 6.
  13. Eventually the carpenter is saved, and between him and the Worker the structure is completed normally.
  14. Find that demolishing a completed building restores the ground underneath, attempt to place a blueprint in existing foundation holes hoping to fix them that way.
  15. Realize that these structures are 1 block lower, and will not repair the terrain. As there is no method for filling in terrain (at least, not one that I can find), understand that these holes in the ground are just permanent.

Expected Results: Structures near cliffs, undamaged terrain in the area of canceled construction.

Actual Results: A refusal to build anything until you restart the game and load into a map with no templates near cliffs. Canceled structures leave holes in the terrain even if never started (but only if they were placed after the initial bug - templates canceled before or during construction when other issues aren’t present repair terrain damage).

Notes: If you have a Worker from the beginning, it seems that unbuildable structures are simply ignored and all of this can be avoided. However, with just a Carpenter, no structure is built at all and the above occurs. Setting another villager to Worker after the first save/reload does not prevent the permanent damage to the ground for canceled structures, but DOES prevent this damage if you allow the structure to be at least partially built (the entire foundation dug out already).

Attachments: New user so I can’t add attachments, however here’s the save via dropbox: Dropbox - bugged save.zip This is the “save” part of step 5 above, loading it puts you at step 6.

Version Number and Mods in use: a22r763 no mods (I didn’t even know that this game HAS mods!)

System Information: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, AMD 3.4GHz quad-core processor, 16GB memory, AMD Radeon R9 280x video card (3GB memory)