[Build 2081] - Incomplete House & Combat Bug

I’ve got 2 bugs to list for build 2081 that I’ve come across in my first “test game”. I’ll list them both here to save forum space.

Title: Incomplete House

Repeatable: Unknown

Reference Image: Fig 1 (at bottom)

Description: I built 2 identical houses side by side, using the built-in templates, and while the first house completed without any issues the second house was missing the front wall between the low and high roofs. It should be noted that the house with the missing wall had two items manually added on the interior during construction, while the first house had the same 2 items added after it was already complete. These items (a floor rug between the beds and a light on the back wall) were added to the house only after the roof was being constructed, so I don’t believe they should have caused interference. It should also be noted that a combat event (full alert) occurred during this building’s construction as well.

Title: Error During Combat

Repeatable: Unknown

Reference Image: Fig 2 (at bottom)

Description: During my very first combat event I encountered the error message shown in the referenced image. The screenshot occurred after the fact, once I had returned everyone to normal. The actual error showed up while everyone was on alert (“R” key) and in combat, but not as soon as the key was pressed.


Fig 1

Fig 2

The housing error actually has to do with the current construction system. When you make outcroppings like that, walls behind them aren’t created due to the wall erection system. This is known and should be fixed in the future.

The combat error, though, is likely new.

Actually, if you notice on the first house, it was done correctly. Only the second house had the problem.