[develop - 2494] - No more good building

With alpha11, i can no more finish a building
1 single build with 1 floor square 8x8 and 4 wall + 2 door it is so simple to make ?

Dont add stuff if the base of the game no more work…

the building on top is the result of the down build…
For this i have to click on build button - 5 or 6 x…
Another bug : no button finish build on the windows ? I have to click on a wall for the button show up.

Sorry, but i have my bad mind or bad blood for the direction of this game.


Did you told your carpenter to craft the doors needed?

Same build (2494) and I have no problems to make that building:

This is indeed a bug, I’ve seen it too when I made that building.
@sdee, can you notify whoever is in charge of this, please?

There’s no “Finish Editing” button on the “place door/window” section of the building designer, and if you try to click/select the building to try to make the button appear, it will place a door/window/whatever you have selected, so you have to click on another tool to finish editing. Or even close and reopen the designer, and select the building again. It may be that the building gets deselected or perhaps it had to work like this for whatever reason…

I find it a bug, more than a simple improvement / suggestion. :disappointed_relieved:

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@artifus, sorry you’re having trouble getting that house built. Perhaps it’s the road? We still have some trouble with building scaffolding over or near roads.

@Relyss, yes, finish button! Adding to our list!

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Yes i build near a road.
I try to build far from a road.

And yes, i have 3 door of all type.

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my try :
result ok… i dunn why. but i have for the first post created the building after validate a few bug…

But here, you can see : i dont have the single door… but i have 5 on my inventory.

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Final result. :

So… the wooden door… sorry it is my mistake… i created the renforced wooden door :stuck_out_tongue: