"Finish Building" not available

When i go to build a custom wall with the slab tool. There is no finish build button. Maybe there is an action i am unaware of, but for now i know i can not set my workers to build the wall until i click the “finish Building” button. Am i missing something? or is the finish building button what is missing?

Happens from time to time. Resetting the UI fixes this for me.


After saved, the button disapeare. I’m explain. I play with the “building designer”. I saved and quit the game.
I back and now i don’t have the button “finished the design”. I can’t build my structure. I have the button on other gamer. I think is a bug

Ps: I’m French, I’m sorry for my english

Versions and Mods:

Alpha 16

Click ground to have nothing selected, then click building again to see if shows up again. That all I can think of. Happens from time to time, and that is work around for the moment. Don’t know why it does that, even during building…

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As @Tamorr suggests, you probably don’t have the building selected. Try clicking on the building to see if the button appears again:

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