[Ack] [R114] House doesn't have build button after placing walls or "doodads"

I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but it doesn’t seem like I can build a house unless I place the roof on last. Yes, that might sound like a stupid thing to say, but what I mean is that I can’t place any “doodads” on the house and then proceed to build it. I have to place the “doodads” and then the roof, otherwise it won’t work. Also, why is it that you can build the house after placing only the floorplan, but not after placing the walls?



As you can see, there is no “build house” option at the bottom of the window, which really irks me, especially in the “doodads” menu, since that’s the last one on the list and thus the last one that I use to place.

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Yeah someone noticed this in a thread somewhere. After you finish your building design click on the roof or one of the walls and the “start construction” button should appear. I think @not_owen_wilson said it was a mishap that he was working on.

The thing is, it didn’t work for me. I tried clicking, right-clicking, pressing enter, pressing escape, and all sorts of other things, but I couldn’t get it to work! It wasn’t until I realized that the button only showed up for floors and roofs that I could actually build a house.

For other reference, to show that it does work for floors and roofs.

Well, I’ve done it with walls, but only after closing and then reopening the Build & Design tab. Look at 11:50 in this video, for example.

I do place the doodads after the roof, by the way (same video, just beforehand).

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you have to deselect the tools then click on roof or wall then the start building will show up


Oh, right. I’ve been deselecting my tools by closing and reopening the Build & Design tab, but I suppose you could also just click the relevant tool button. Or, wait. Does that deselect it if it was originally selected? Anyway, yes, that’s what to do; just not sure how to do it most easily :stuck_out_tongue:


I select walls or roof so it will deselect the tools.


Should be fixed now. Thanks @not_owen_wilson!