Never ever been able to build a house?

Has anyone here ever been able to build a house in this game?

From the very first release until now alpha 4 I’ve been unable to build a working house. Before there was a premade house which never worked. Now you can design your own but the builders wont add doors or windows, has anyone ever built a house in this game?!?!

(There are already a number of people reporting this bug)

I’m probably being stupid here, but have already created windows/doors with the carpenter? Because you have to craft them before they can be placed.

This is my last village… so yes. Yes I have.

  1. Chop Wood
  2. Build House/Place Doodads
  3. Have carpenter build doodads (Doors, windows(
  4. Waiiitt…
  5. Profit!

hi there @SamXronn … welcome aboard! :smile:

absolutely! Alpha 4 (and a few prior unstable builds) brought with them the ability to build fully functional battle stations houses! :+1:

can you perhaps describe how you are going about it? there might be something missing from the “process” that can be better explained in the UI…

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Like @sir_ghost has said:

Also make sure you place the “doodads” in prior to clicking “start building” otherwise the doors won’t be put in.

Well I build the floor, walls, roof! Looks like a great start to the house

I then get the carpenter to build the door and a few windows, I add the door the workers add the scaffolding then just leave it up and don’t do anything else…

Yer that’s where the problem is, it’s currently a little buggy.

Make sure you add the door during the blueprint stage with the walls and roof etc. If you try to add the door after construction starts then it won’t work.

I tried a number of methods building doors 1st, build doors after building a whole house in blue print mode, building the house section by section.

I’ll wait for the next patch, maybe then I shall complete my blocky lil house =]

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Hmm odd. You should just have to:

  1. Draw the floor
  2. Add the roof
  3. Add the door
  4. Click ‘start building’ (or whatever its called)
  5. Craft a door.
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this should definitely work… i personally prefer to craft the doodads ahead of time, but thats just my own personal workflow demons at work… :smile: