So many Crashes!

There are so many crashes on the stone hearth alpha 7. They randomly pop up out of nowhere.
Here is my user id: 6572b24e-a8f7-11e4-b6af-74de2b78e6a4

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I assume you’re talking about error pop ups?

We’re currently in Alpha 8 unstable, are you playing with Humble Bundle version?
Can you upload somewhere a screenshot of the errors and post a link to it here?
What do the errors say?
Are you using mods?
Were you able to play with the previous version or you just recently bought the game?


I am playing on steam and I’m not using any mods. The same thing happened in other versions. Ill upload a screenshot to my Instagram page, do you have Instagram? I can dm it to you too. The errors say invalid duration passed to calendar set timer, and a bunch of numbers, repetitively. Then it started saying attempt to index local dirt (a nil value) repetitively, and won’t stop.

Does this happen when you start the game, when loading a game, after playing some minutes, or when?

Sorry I just saw this. It happens after I start playing for a while. Thanks for helping so much :smiley: