Seamingly random crashes without logs or errors given


very new here and probably in violation with every known rule but it’s frustrating beyond reasoning.

I didn’t play this game for over a year now and had the sudden impulse to pick it back up.
I had a blast, build my first colony up and was in the middle of designing my farmhouse/cookingspot when this went downhill fast.

My first issue was that when I started the actual build the game crashed without any log or error given. And soon it started crashing on it’s own. This was in an unmodded game.
However I figured that since I didn’t renew my gamefiles for over a year things might have corrupted, so I did a removal with steam and manually cleaning up the rest of the files in my steamapps/common folder.
With the new files installed (including the ACE “plugin”) the game became literally unplayable: crashes during actual gameplay (however never further than 2-3min ingame) to crashing as early as during character rolls…

And all this without any logs or any errors given to me.
Would someone be so kind to give some pointers to what I’m doing wrong?
Any help is highly appreciated.

You will find at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth
a file named stonehearth.log
it is a text file with all the logs, you can upload it here.