Crashing Every 2 to 3 Mins


Stonehearth is not responding pops up every 2-3 mins when playing the game. Installed the game today, Played it for an hour and 40 mins perfectly fine with no crashes. Crashed after the time mentioned and now crashes every couple of minutes.


I have no stonehearth folder in my steamapps/common folder. Not sure how to access the logs.

Versions and Mods:

1.1, No mods.

System Information:

Windows 10

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This is very weird, if your game was installed through steam. Not saying it is related to your issue, but it could be. I mean - the game has to be somewhere, right? :merry:

If you did install it through Steam, try right clicking it and going into Properties - then Local Files and the button “Browse Local Files”

The game should be there, wherever it is. And the log should also be there :jubilant:
Hope it helps!

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