Triad of Errors [Alpha 10.5 7/6/2015]

First of all, I bought the game July 2nd - it was and is still Alpha 10.5 at the time I am writing this, and I love the game. But there are three things that annoy me the most, in the most annoying order.

1 - Every so often, and I do not know if there is a certain amount of time between each occurrence, either I will get an error window in the upper-right corner that tells me I need to reset the UI, and I cannot do anything until I do. However, after I do, it erases any previous auto-save and whenever I try to save manually the same error pops up. To fix it, I have to reload a previous manual save and possibly in doing so, lose a lot of work. Sometimes, the error will continue after reloading and then I have no choice but to erase the savegames and start over. Not even exiting the game will fix the error.

2 - Randomly, and usually after the above problem occurs, I will get a random CTD with no message before or afterwards. It’ll happen out of the blue.

–NOTE-- It seems like the above happen when I use the console to destroy anything - however this is not fully the case because I had just played a game to day 9 without using the console once and the UI error occurred.

3 - Even though I play on a 64-bit machine (I can provide the specs later) whenever I set the game to 64-bit, loading a town (after the progress bar - everything beforehand is fine) crashes the game with no message or anything.

If needed, I can provide screenshots of the first error and specs of my machine if they are needed. It is too late in the night for me to want to scavenge the forums for alike posts, so if anyone has a similar post or a workaround, if they could please provide it that would be amazing. Thanks guys, I love this game!

It sounds like you are on the stable branch (the untested/latest branch has a version where you are automatically in 64-bit and you have to tick the box to go back to 32-bit mode).

Have you tried starting a new game with 64-bit turned on?

That’s what causes the crash. I have to have the game in 32-bit in order to even play. Once I was able to run the game on 64-bit, but then one of those above errors happened and I had to change back to 32 in order to load. I’ve tried a bunch of times to create a new game on 64-bit, but the only thing that works is 32.

Thanks. That clarifies things a bit.

Can you try to opt-in for beta through steam to get the latest branch? There may be fixes in it that actually improve your situation.

Yes, we’ve had several people that could only play with the 32bit version on the last release…
Not sure if devs fixed it for the upcoming Alpha 11.

However I’m curious about your other errors that you say you have.

@Tuhalu I’m not sure if I’ve tried that before. I’ll try it soon and see if there’s an improvement. I’m honestly not too sure what the difference is, is it just a faster game?

@Relyss What are you curious about? I tried looking through the error messages for the first issue but nothing made sense.

Yes, because those are probably unrelated, and are different bugs. They might or might not have been reported yet, so I want to know about them. :grin:

Well, it seems they are somewhat related to using the console. I used to use the console to destroy things left around by the workers (i.e. ladders, scaffoldings, building materials up on the roofs of buildings) and it happened a lot. But now that I’ve been staying away from the console, the CTD seems to have stopped completely and the UI error is very infrequent. If it pops up I’ll take a screencap and post it here.

@Tuhalu Switching to the latest beta doesn’t do anything. Is there something in the crash log that’ll tell what’s going on?

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