Small irk: I can't vertically mine (or haven't figured it out yet)

Yeah, I don’t know if it’s possible. But can you use the single mine option to carve walls? Like shaving 1 block off a vertical plane. Not horizontally like the current option. But up/down. I hate just using 1 line then putting another line, and another. Just to carve a cave village so I can put walls in via building edit. I need to know if it’s possible. I currently have 10 villagers living in a dirt fortress and they need walls to increase comfort and networth.

sadly it’s currently impossible to mine vertically, both with the single block and 4x4 mining tools. :confused:

But you can dig downwards. Only upwards is not possible. Maybe it helps @Domino, if he can access his desired loaction from above?

I think he doesn’t mean the hearthlings ability to dig something, but our ability to create a mining zone. As when you click and drag a mining zone, that zone will be only horizontal, e.g. a 12x12 horizontal area (with 1 or 4 height, depending on your tool size).

The desire effect is to click and drag to create an area up and down. For example, an 1x1 horizontal, but 10 vertical blocks if you drag up.

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You have point there @BrunoSupremo. Have to practice my reading comprehension skills, I suppose :slight_smile:
But defining a larger mining area ‘upwards/downwards’ would be cool, indeed. Maybe this could be achievd in comibation with a control key - like, holding [CTRL] while moving the cursor expands the mining zone vertically.

Yeah what @BrunoSupremo is talking about. The ability to what like to simplify as mining walls. Not roofs like our current option.