More mining options

i’m sure others have made this suggestion however i thought i’d put in my own two cents on the subject. I’ve seen stairs built/dug via mining as a suggestion however i’d like to suggest more than just that. I’d like to suggest linear mining in 1x4 in x y and z axis options. so 1x4 up and down 1x4 side to side in both north south directions and east west directions AND a even 2x2 options and anywhere in between 4x4. i know this sounds like a lot but really it’s only to give us more refined control over how we mine our terrain. the more choice the better rather than having to deal with only just 4x4 and single block mining options.


um… if it helps i think theres gonna be a miner class, its in the unused classes folder

That’s why there are two pickaxe options – the bigger one does 4x4x4 cubes, and the smaller one gives cube-by-cube control. You can use the smaller pickaxe tool over a large area by holding it down and dragging out a mining zone, and you can do the same with the larger version to quickly make rooms underground.

What I’d really love to see, though, is the option to “lock” the selection to a particular axis or set of axes, or lock it to a certain width. These would have to be hotkeys, e.g. you drag out the width you want and then lock your selection in order to quickly dig out areas of that width, depth or length that you’ve already selected.

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do you mean a custom save? like 12x20 and you can save it so you dont need to drag every time?

Actually, I was thinking of a more “temporary” version of that, where you lock the edge of the mining zone at a particular coordinate; meaning that when you drag out the zone over a larger area it sticks to that set width. For example, say you wanted to dig a trench that was 20 blocks wide and 1000 blocks long, you could drag out a 20x20 square, lock it on the X axis, and then drag it as far as you like on the Y and Z axes without having to worry about the width changing.

Saving mining “templates” would require a GUI and a lot of work, what I’m thinking of should be a lot easier to implement and more flexible for end users.

Currently you can drag out any size of mining zone up to a set limit, I think it’s 56 or 64 blocks on each side. If you want to make a really long mining area, it can be tedious trying to keep the same width the whole way along when you’re quickly dragging out a lot of mining zones. If we can lock the length, width or height, that makes it a lot quicker to give those large mining orders.

Of course, if you lock the length, width and height all at the same time, you create a “stamp” which can be used exactly like a template. However, you don’t need to select it from a list, you make it exactly the size you want and can then just stamp it where you want to dig out rooms or whatever. It’s probably quicker in the long run to simply hit a few hotkeys to create the stamp/set area rather than going through a GUI, and it’s the kind of thing that can quickly become second nature to players anyway.

I suppose that the same tech could then be applied to many of the other zones, allowing the creation of easy stamps for building with, or to stamp out a lot of farm plots at once, or so on…

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