Add depth for mining and building

So right now we have the tunnel option which is 4x4x4, then we have the select block tool which is 1x1x1 (same with slabs for building) , then when we select more it’s still 4x4x1, what I would like to do is have like (example) 10x10x15…

I’m pretty sure they’ll let you customize such settings, and also if you need that big of a hole, you could use the Geomancer (when it comes out though)

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Personally I find that the scope of the tools now, if not some of the details of the execution is sufficient other then when you are trying to dig stairs, in that particular case it’s rather tedious and the workers can easily get in the way of selections.


10x10x15 sounds great in theory, then you remember you have to get them back out before they starve. I’ve found the current selection is good for early game personally, I suspect the Geomancer, as @Hyrule_Symbol pointed out, will be the answer to your problems though at least, when it comes to more mid-late game.

It’s not just mining but also building, and those were just example sizes.