Mining tool size

Is it possible to get a tool like the 4x4 mining tool that is 1x4? seeing as how a Hearthling can fit into a tunnel that’s 1x4 and how ever long you want to make it, as it is it just makes the tunnel making process loooong and tedious, been trying to make easy access passages to turret placements and secret passages in my hunk o’ mountain, a 1x4 would be awesome.

Why stop at 1x4? A resizable mining tool would be awesome!



Does any solution for this exist by now?

The standard 4x4x(4|5) mining tool’s snapping-behavior makes it awkaward to use, when taking into account that most houses don’t fit the 4x4 pattern enforced by larger-scale mining. The 1x1x1 tool isn’t a viable replacement, since it is hard to create tunnels with it.

yes it exist, is a customizable mining tool (starting 1x1). you can change the size with alt/shift+ mouse weel
is at the side of the standard 4x4 tool

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Ah thanks :smiley: Definitely needs an explanatory tooltip though.