Adjust of Mining Sizes

Hello Everyone.

I was searching the Discussions, but could only find something like a suggestion to enlarge the height.

Is there at the moment a way, to make Mining 1 Block ( 1x1 ) small ?
Or even better to adjust Mining blocks, so it will not always jump 4 blocks at a time?
I had a Opening in a Mountain, that was 6 Blocks wide, but i could not center the Mining cursor in the middle so i had 1 block on each side left.

Sorry if that was written before.

Thank you in advance

at the moment not - but @SteveAdamo can put your topic to the suggestions ^^ the idea is indeed not bad :wink:

For width/depth only, the height cannot be changed as easily.


Ah, thank you.

I was not sure where this might belong to.
Then i have to figure out for now how to solve it :smile:

No need to, Radiant has already said they plan on implementing this in the future. :wink:

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Once mining size is adjustable, underground bases will be so awesome. Current size is preventing from so much opportunity.
But the Devs are working hard on what needs to be done and prioritizes. So I am happy to wait.

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sorry if it is not about size now but it is about tunnel…
is it possible to adjust where to make the tunnel instead that the tunnelsquare jumps 1 4x4 like maybe hold ctrl or shift I have tried shift and ctrl alone not at the same time ?
I want the tunnel be 1 small square away from the 4x4 not 4x4 away location or how to say … I hope you understand what I mean…