Mine Tunnel tool grid snapping, offset and size

With the mining tool currently restricted to 4x4 and forced snap-to-grid, it’s limiting and makes digging specific sizes/shapes quite tedious.

For example:
The concave in this cliffside is even and I’d like to build the cave entrance right smack in the middle.

The middle shown in the blue square; Since the Mine Tunnel tool snaps to the grid and can’t be changed the only way to do that is to use the Mine Block tool and select it one layer at a time. It’s annoying, especially when you do big tunnel builds.

The snap-to-grid feature is obviously quite useful so while an option to disable it would be great, another way to give it flexability would be to give us the option to offset on the X and Y axis; shown here with my masterful MS Paint skills.

And of course the ability to change its dimensions instead of forcing 4x4 would also be nice.


I too would like some more flexibility from the mining tool without having to mine 1 block at the time


for the same reason about the concave in the cliffs, i would love to see this… perhaps it could be something like holding down Ctrl would “unlock” the mining grid…