Mining square "snapping" to grid

I was under the impression the mining box was no longer to snap to the grid. This was mentioned in this DT: Building & Mining++ – Stonehearth desktop tuesday.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use the 4x4 mining tool to mine

Expected Results:
Tool doesn’t “snap” to grid

Actual Results:
Tool does “snap” to grid

I have tried this on the stable and unstable branches. I have no mods installed.

There are two mining tools. The simple one (M hotkey) which snaps to grid and is of constant size, and the advanced one (N hotkey), which does not snap to grid and can be resized.

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Thanks for that

Stupid question then, how do I resize that tool? I can get it to increase on the horizontal axis, but I can’t get it to increase in size vertically. All I want is a 4x4 square. How do I do that?

Hold Alt and scroll up.

Thanks again

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The instructions to use the N tool are in the little black tooltip that appears in the middle of the screen when the tool is active. I know–it’s easy to just ignore after a while!

I’ll be completely honest this jsut blew my mind…

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I had completely ignored that. My bad!
Honestly didn’t even see it, now I have no idea how I missed it.

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Since we’re talking about mining, is there an easy way to mine out stairs? A tool I’m missing?

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Alas no. I use the N mining tool and always mine down from the top.