Free move for the 4x4 mining tool

The 4x4 mining tool snap to a 4x4 grid on the horizontal plane. Could it be possible to get a key to turn off the grid and get free move still on the horizontal plane when needed? That would save quite a bunch of time if one decide to carve out some exotic spaces underground!


also it would be nice to make the dimensions modifyable i.e. not only 4x4x4 but can be set to something like 2x10x7 etc

Definitely going to second this one. Even a 1x4 “pillar” would be a nice addition, because the free-carve tool lets you drag horizontally but not vertically. I had to manually go one layer at a time to get an offset space from floor to ceiling.


definitely a 1x4 pillar would be a great addition.

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