Mining Upwards With Ladders

Was there any word with being able to mine upwards? Also suggestion after that question.

After much buggering about I noticed the devs smartly put a layer between each 4^3 mining section so that a floor would be naturally created. What if you could make a “mining ladder”

Take your standard ladder model, but make it out of iron, or something else to make it special. Then at the top of it, have your hearthlings automatically dig in to a 4^3 section above the ladder, or larger to allow for traversing of said ladder, including the layer of “floor”.

Why I suggest this:

It would appear to me the simplest to make mining upwards semi-automatic as this would break the least amount of things.

Again, this forum layout is (insert swear) fantastic. Specially love the bug report system/layout. Man, this is nice, I just want to play the forum just for the forum goodness.