The Slice Tool in 1-digit Increments!


I’m sure that someone has mentioned it by now, but I just noticed it today. Thank you so much to whichever Dev allowed me to adjust the Slice tool to a specific layer rather than the old, forced 5 block increment. I might ACTUALLY be able to properly tunnel and dig underground! It’ll still take work and effort, but what good ever came from an easy life?


Now that mining tools are improved, and the slice view has finally been fixed - we could plan out mining zones that go upward! (But I still don’t think Hearthlings will be able to mine those unless you’re clever about doing it and mine out the top parts first…) - I wish the mining AI could be fixed.

I realize a rewrite is out of the question at this point - unless there’s some really dedicated, single-minded modder out there - but I’ll keep hoping for some tweaks.

Of course, mining still doesn’t always play nicely with building, which is also a problem for giant underground cities… but that’s another issue entirely. We’re the closest we’ve ever been, and the slice tool changes should be pretty useful even for more casual mining.


Hearthlings can reach up now AFAIK, I’ve had them mine blocks which were immediately above their heads.

I believe the mole golem has extended range, so hopefully that extends upwards too.