[NaB] Not building ladders

hi guys, just noticed (223) (steam) that when i mine down… if i build the ladder in sections (not wating for them to finish mining) then they will bug out (they wont finish the bottom section of the ladder, and they will stop hauling the wood, even though they will do everything else) has anyone else noted this?

Also when this bug happens i do not get any red text cheers

ok this topic can now be closed, it was user error on my part (didnt have enough hearthlings) moral of the story? Wait until you have built up your workforce before doing everything:smiley:

PS you might want to leave this open for the next 24 hours, just in case anyone else noticed this and it is actually a bug… up to you though @SteveAdamo and @Relyss

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Yeah it’s a common issue :sweat_smile:
Who hasn’t suffered this sometime?

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