Block Bugs, random logs and blocks sticking in ladders

First off, there are random wood blocks lying around all over my game, I have no idea why. They are never picked up and just sit there and I feel like that shouldn’t be happening. Secondly, I built a series of 3 ladders to go mine, it seems random blocks such as tin ore get stuck in the ladders and just sit there until i destroy the ladder, then the hearthlings go and retrieve the block, and I have to rebuild the ladder. Thanks!

  1. The woodblocks are probably from the goblin camps. You can check if the select color of them is red. If you use the loot command, the hearthlings will come pick them up

  2. That’s a known bug. I always build 2 ladders next to one another so they can pick it up the things they drop on the ladders. I believed it was fixed at some point, but with the ‘drop and pick up again’ bug it seems it’s back.

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I clicked on the logs there is no loot option… Do i have to select the area for loot? Why arent my hearthlings just walking out and picking them up because they look like the chopped trees that just need to be grabbed.

This is a two-part issue.

  1. They leave things lying around for several reasons. The big one I think is that retrieving materials comes fairly low on the hearthlings job priorities. Make sure you have a stockpile that is able to accept that material, and make sure your workers aren’t idling. They SHOULD pick up the random blocks and deliver them to the stockpiles. (It’s actually a bit of an interesting side-effect of the hearthlings determining job order, rather than objects issuing jobs to a queue.)

  2. As was pointed out, this is a known bug. It happens when a hearthling drops an item on a ladder, usually because they are chased away by enemies or by getting hungry. It’s a fairly minor issue, though it can be somewhat annoying from both a visual and gameplay perspective. Hopefully it gets cleared up sometime. Til then follow @RLG’s advice.

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