[A7] Ladder bug - Resources dropped

Check this out:

It also happens with stone blocks. I don’t know if it happens with anything else. I do know that once something is dropped in this fashion, I’ve never been able to retrieve the lost resource block.

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remove the ladder and the resources stuck on the ladder will fall to the ground


If removing the ladder fails, add another ladder a block out because… pathfinding is weird. Although it’s gotten better, several times, and I imagine it will again in the future.

i would guess it has to do with the fact that the hearthlings can only pickup things that are in front of them

I know we have other (related) reports… yes? resources left on scaffolding, etc?

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I know resources and sometimes workers are left on rooftops from time to time. This latest game, a goblin was somehow trapped on a rooftop – I have no idea how that happened. I would’ve taken a picture, but a ladder got built before I could get to it. :smile:

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I’ll try that. Thank you.