Worker removed ladder from under another worker, freezing him in the air

I’m used to the weird pathfinding and prioritizing one wood log over another, but this is the first time I’ve encountered this. Usually, the worker using the ladder removes it when they’re finished, but since no other actions were queued, I guess the AI chose the next logical step? If anyone else has encountered this, is there a way to unfreeze them?

I do have a screenshot, but cannot upload as I’m a new user.

hey there @DM_Murph… did you edit your title to imply the problem has resolved itself, or does this still occur?

feel free to link to an image on something like imgur, and we can embed the image directly for you… thanks!


+1 placed a tapestry same thing happened.

I had someone get stuck today, and what I did to try to fix it was build a ladder up to them. The game allowed me to build a ladder at their feet in the direction they were facing, and the hearthling climbed down. Hope that helps.

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Thanks, pretty much what i’ve been doing when they get stuck. I did have one jump down the other day which was cool. Still not sure they should be getting stuck in this way :smile:

It’s a bug, or a side effect. The problem is the hearthling that removes the ladder before the other one can get down. :disappointed_relieved:

Not sure that it’s easily reproducible, either.

I also have to do it when they leave resources on buildings to finish. They’re smart enough to know to go get the resource, just not that they need to make a ladder.

Also, oddly enough, the town placement banner starts collecting items at the top of it, and I’ve had to use ladders to get that stuff down too.

Ladders are awesome.

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