Mining and gravity

So I wasn’t paying attention to my workers and they managed to cut off one guy in mid-air, who happily dug out the blocks he was standing on - and now he’s stuck in mid-air. I presume this proves gravity isn’t implemented yet, unless he was supposed to fall.

I have had this happen with blocks and items but never a hearthling before lol. Try and build a ladder up to him and he should fall. Not sure if it will let you do it though…


This has happened before with hearthlings being stuck on top of trees, but when the tree is harvested the settler always slowly drifts to the ground.

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yes u can build ladders to hearthlings

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Ladders need something to lean against, couldn’t do that.

I tried fishing him out by placing slabs to build a column up to him but apparently you can’t build sideways either (?), which doesn’t sound right. I know I’m missing something, but it’s not a good thing when the obvious solutions don’t work.