Resources not removed from building roofs before ladders are removed

Wood blocks from chopped trees are stuck on the living quarters buildings’ roofs.

I had a bunch of chopped wood laying around before I understood about storage areas. So I decided to build some living quarters. I build a 1 person cottage, a 2 person cottage and the 4 person building. Now wood blocks are on their roofs and not being picked up by the workers.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Chop trees
  2. Build a building where the wood is laying

Expected Results:

Actual Results:



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Did you try to build some ladders to take them ?
Welcome anyway !

I thought about that. Let me try. Thank you.

Hey there @hackerssuck, welcome to the Discourse!

Hearthlings leaving wood on roofs is well known, and is generally caused by Hearthlings getting tired or hungry while building, dropping the wood to go sleep/eat, and then getting new wood when they return to build. As @Powerclank suggested, building a ladder to the roof should have them retrieve them. Regardless, this is an AI issue that needs to be addressed, as they should not take down the scaffolding until all the items on the roof have been removed, or the Hearthlings should pick the wood up off the roof instead of getting “new” wood from the stockpile/ground.

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Actually they don’t seem to be picking up a lot of stuff for the big storage area. I have it designated for EVERYthing, but they just seem to have stopped, and it doesn’t look like it’s reached capacity.

This also happens when workers are up on the roof completing it. If you have more than one worker, one of them may finish the job, and the other will drop their wood on the roof and walk away. Actually I’ve even had one Hearthling de-construct the ladder with 2 other Hearthlings still on the roof. :sweat:

Current workaround is to put a ladder to the roof, and either Harvest the wood, or if you can’t interact with it, Destroy the wood (the red X in the same category as Harvest).

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Ah ok sorry I didn’t mean to bring up an already known issue. Still getting used to these forums as I only started today. I’ll try to do a better job of searching next time.

No problem ; it reminds us they’re still a problem of idling :yum:

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No need to apologize! We (the mods) would much rather have you make a report than worry about reporting something that already exists.

In general, I would recommend looking in the bug report category (, and trying to filter by tag for the relevant topic. For example, you can see active building related bugs by using the building tag ( from the drop down:

This isn’t really an idling issue, the wood on top of the house is not technically “part” of the building, and thus when the roof is complete they take down the ladders. They are not idling, they just can’t reach the wood after the ladders are removed.

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@jomaxro I was thinking about this :grin:

Thank you Jomaxro. Actually it popped up a couple of suggested related threads when I started creating the ticket, so I assumed the forums were indexed so that it could quickly gather all related topics to make it easier to see if one existed. Since none of the ones it suggested seemed relevant, I assumed it was not yet reported. I figured that was strange. Seems like it would be a pretty common bug. :)grin:

Missed that! I was looking at the immediatly preceeding post…

The “your thread is similar too” will sometimes bring up a related thread, but as we have far more suggestions related to building right now (then bug reports), it is more likely to show those then bug reports.


would items being left on the roof after construction fall under the same game mechanics? I have seen stacks being left at the bottom of stairs and scafolting, but usally when i order them to remove the stairs or the building is complete it is removed exept for the occasion where scafolding and ladders are removed before they picked up all the stacks. Can take a while before they pick it all up though.

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Nope…moved it over here…

I don’t know if other people are noticing this, but when the villagers finish constructing building for some reason they keep leaving building materials (Wood, Stone etc.) on the roof. They take the scaffolding down and just leave the materials up there. Any reason as to why this keeps happening?

I noticed this too. But compared to the Hearthlings getting stuck, entombed etc, this is almost cute :slight_smile:

As a workaround, I manually put up a ladder, which will enable the offending leftovers to be removed, then removed the ladder. (this may help Hearthlings which are stuck, but not entombed ones…)

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